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Practical Action Publishing challenges poverty through the global distribution of knowledge and technologies. Our international development policy, practice, and research publications aim to stimulate discussion, strengthen peoples’ capabilities and promote sustainable change. Practical Action Publishing is a not-for-profit enterprise working in alignment with the international development work pursued by Practical Action, since 1974.
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The Barefoot Guide to Mobilizing Religious Health Assets for Transformation The 3rd Barefoot Guide Writers' Collective
"The Barefoot Guide Connection has a unique and truly transformational approach to collaboration, learning and facilitating social, transformational change across borders."

- Tobais Troll, Director, EDGE Europe at EDGE Funders Alliance, Brussels, Belgium
The Barefoot Guide to Exploring the Real Work of Social Change The Barefoot Guide Writers' Collective
"The Barefoot Guides are an important reference for our international students in development studies."

- Dr. Kees Biekart, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hauge