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Practical Action Publishing challenges poverty through the global distribution of knowledge and technologies. Our international development policy, practice, and research publications aim to stimulate discussion, strengthen peoples’ capabilities and promote sustainable change. Practical Action Publishing is a not-for-profit enterprise working in alignment with the international development work pursued by Practical Action, since 1974.
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Smallholder Agriculture and Market Participation Nigel Poole
“Poole provides cogent argument, up-to-date references and important guidance for practice.”

- Ben Bennett, Professor of International Trade and Marketing Economics, University of Greenwich
Volunteer Voices Duncan McNicholl
”Incisive, insightful and honest. If you have the ambition to change the world, or your neighbourhood, this isn't the book you want to read; it's the book you need to read. In my two decades of working to change systems, the authors of this book come closest to a ‘how to’ guide -- radical openness,
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- George Roter, former CEO and co-founder of Engineers Without Borders, Canada