Pumps as Turbines
A User's Guide
Edition: 2

Paper: 978 1 85339 567 3 / $21.95
Published: January 2004  

Publisher: Practical Action
80 pp., 5 3/4" x 8 1/4"
* A classic title updated with a new chapter
* Practical energy provision for isolated houses and remote locations

As interest in the provision of decentralized electricity in the South increases, this practical handbook is as important as ever.

'Pumps as Turbines: A user’s guide' is a practical handbook for engineers and technicians involved in designing and installing small water-power schemes for isolated houses and communities. It concerns the use of standard pump units as a low-cost alternative to conventional turbines to provide stand-alone electricity generation in remote locations.

This book arises out of the practical experience of fieldwork in village locations in a number of countries.

This new edition includes a brand new chapter featuring a case study of a PAT (pump-as-turbine) installation. It covers how to select the type of pump based on site requirements, potential pump modifications and caution with single-phase pumps.

Table of Contents:
Applications for pumps as turbines
Why use a pump as a turbine?
Choice of pump type
Pump and turbine performance curves
Design of the civil works
Design of the electrical system
Selecting a pump as turbine for a particular site
Practical operation of a pump as a turbine
Case study of a PAT installation
Appendices: Pump as turbine operation at reduced flow; Parallel operation of pumps as turbines; Syphon intake for intermittent operation; Typical efficiencies of induction motors; Unit conversion for head and flow; Estimating pump performance from physical measurements; Calculating safe wall thickness for steel pipe; Selecting penstock diameter and calculating head loss
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