From Infrastructure to Services
Trends in Monitoring Sustainable Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Services

Paper: 978 1 85339 814 8 / $33.95
Published: June 2015  

Cloth: 978 1 85339 813 1 / $67.95
Published: December 2016  

Publisher: Practical Action
180 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
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This book outlines the current trends and challenges in monitoring rural water and sanitation services, in particular at country level. From Infrastructure to Services reveals important breakthroughs in country-led and country-wide monitoring of rural and small towns water supplies. It presents a state-of-the-art of strengthening monitoring water supply and sanitation in developing countries.

Now that the coverage of water and sanitation in developing countries is increasing rapidly, there is a pressing need to ensure the new services continue to work. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) play a part; concern about value for money in development finance and the need to protect huge investments in water and sanitation – all add urgency to the task. This book is essential reading for program managers and policy makers in the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector, both in development agencies and government departments. It should also be read by researchers and students in the WASH sector.

Table of Contents:
Introduction—Ton Schouten and Stef Smits

Monitoring the finance needed for service delivery—Catarina Fonseca

Government-led monitoring of rural and small towns water supplies—Kerstin Danert

WASH project monitoring: a necessary evil for donor driven programming or a stepping stone to better national sector monitoring?—Harold Lockwood

ICT for monitoring sustainable service delivery—Joseph Pearce

Monitoring sanitation and hygiene services—Carolien van der Voordern

Aligning global and national monitoring of WASH services—Piers Cross

Conclusions and recommendations—Ton Schouten and Stef Smits